Winter Preaching in Kolkata

By the inspiration of Srila Acharyadev, Devahuti Devi Dasi and a group of devotees recently took the math’s bus to Kolkata for ten days. Daily they took the bus, the home of our Sri Guru Sri Gaura Sri Nityananda vijay vigrahas, out around the city. On one occasion, a group of two to three hundred people joined the kirtan procession following the Deities in the bus.

The devotees distributed a large number of books and held two programmes in the Theistic Media Centre at our Sevak Bhavan in Dum Dum Park which were each attended by over sixty new persons. Sripad Bhakti Vigraha Nyasi Maharaj and Purushottam Jagannath Prabhu spoke to the guests in Bengali and English.

Srila Acharyadev was so pleased with the service of Devahuti Devi Dasi, and commented that she is an example for devotees in our Mission. She engages in full time service, including preaching and taking care of the daily puja of the vijay vigrahas, while simultaneously raising her two young children.

We are posting some photos of these recent activities despite their blurriness.

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