Wealth in Spiritual Life

Śrīla Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswāmī Mahārāj expresses his affection for Śrīpād Siddhāntī Mahārāj.

Śrīla Govinda Mahārāj: Śrīla Guru Mahārāj said, “Chidānanda Prabhu is a pure devotee. Then, you look after Chidānanda Prabhu. When he comes here to India, mostly he can stay in Purī or Nabadwīp.” I have seen how much affection Guru Mahārāj had for Chidānanda Prabhu. He had so much affection for Chidānanda Prabhu.

Chidānanda Prabhu is not a very rich man and his service may be small or it may be big, but with whatever he has, he is trying to serve Guru Mahārāj. He always wants to serve even if his health not is good. Sometimes it is better, and sometimes it is bad, but he does not care. This is his nature always. And not only that, he has much wealth in spiritual life, that is, he has Guru Mahārāj’s mercy and he has Swāmī Mahārāj’s mercy.


Spoken 25 December 1991.


Śrīpād Bhakti Premik Siddhāntī Mahārāj was known as Chidānanda Prabhu prior to taking sannyās.